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Beauty is a process of subtraction.
Daohair believes that purity is the best beauty.

On the market, most packaging of facial mask is an aluminum foil packaging bag which has advantages of blocking light and low costs. However, material of aluminum dissolves metal substances at high temperature. Even if interior of packaging is plated with other insulation materials, this kind of packaging can’t be recycled to reuse and discharge toxic air pollutants after incinerating. Therefore, we abandon it.

Materials of facial mask made of chemical fiber have also an advantage of low costs. But, to people with sensitive skin, it causes allergy. We also abandon it.

Maintenance lotion full of nutrients infuses into the fiber which is the best breeding ground for bacteria. How to do if you don’t want to use any kinds of chemical preservatives, germicide, additives?

When more and more beauty products add many contents for any reasons, beauty becomes being out of reach actually.

Therefore, we decide choosing subtraction. We consider facial mask in the simplest and most effective principles. Then, we develop a bold innovation, as bellows:

1. Hydorlat as Basis instead of Purified Water: Pure water molecule can’t be absorbed by skin directly. In order not to add chemical auxiliary which causes pores to lose elasticity, we choose skin-friendly and totally-pure Hydrolat as basis.1. Hydorlat as Basis instead of Purified Water: Pure water molecule can’t be absorbed by skin directly. In order not to add chemical auxiliary which causes pores to lose elasticity, we choose skin-friendly and totally-pure Hydrolat as basis.

2. Simplest Distribution of Active Ingredient: Active ingredient means it is verified that something can be transferred into nutrients that our skin needs after experiencing. Adding many ingredients only causes active ingredient to lower; however, using dimethicone, mineral oil, synthetic ester or chemical thickening agent makes the texture to be thick, which actually keep skin from absorbing nutrients against the intention of skin care. We don’t choose products full of many ingredients, but choose products which effectively distribute active ingredient for skin that practically makes every value of nutrients be effective.

3. Medical-Grade Germicide: In order not to use ethyl alcohol and preservatives which irritate and hurt skin, we use a skill of medical-grade germicide to make sure that facial mask will not cause any allergic reaction. Through testing again and again on after laser surgery, sensitive skin, or skin after sun exposure, all these conditions don’t cause irritated skin.

4. Natural-Fiber Materials of Facial Mask: The materials of white tencel facial mask contain 100% wood pulp made of wood and plant fibrous root; materials of pink camellia japonica facial mask is made of camellia japonica fiber; light yellow materials of facial mask is from banana fiber. In addition to being environmental and natural, we adopt bidirectional weaving skills to have an ability to make facial mask fit for your face completely. Therefore, it is named as “invisible mask”. The original structures of these natural fibers are the minimum unit meaning that it is the best way for essence which nutrients can be easily directed into skin deeply through body temperature.

5. Verification of Patent on Vacuum: To completely reach the goal of not using preservatives, we consider and experience for many times. Eventually, we reach our goal of totally non-preservatives contents and we are awarded with a patent on facial mask through verification. To consider reducing environmental impact, we use food-grade transparent plastic packaging which can tolerate the heat up to 121℃, preserve the best activation, appropriately heat for warm compress, and also be recycled.

Pursue the best in a simply way, Apply facial mask from purity. Hope to see improvement of skin and to be satisfied after using. This is Daohair that defines and pursues the beauty.



“Sleep healing essential oil is really super magical. Wipe it according to the method before going to bed, and finally smell it. The whole person feels relaxed. Sleepiness comes right away, and sleeps unconsciously. Besides, it’s deep sleep. It’s not easy to wake up as usual. So I need to buy another two bottles. Insomnia is too painful”

John Doe

“I apply the mask to enhance moisturizing and whitening. Applying a mask is just a matter of mind. Applying more can make the skin better, but it is only available from “Daohair”, because other masks on the market make my face change badly.”

Jane Dow

“I often travel or fly by plane, but I have to bring too many skin care products, which is really inconvenient. A friend introduced me to use this pure face mask, which has a very good effect and does not take up space.
As long as one piece is better than other skin care products.
I recommend you to use it.”

Paul Landon


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